Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome to my blog!  The main purpose is to blog about motorcycling, and specifically about motorcycling very technical roads, sometimes known as "goat trails".  No guarantee that there won't be posts that go way off topic, but will be the general theme.

What are goat trails, and why blog about riding motorcycles on them?  So glad you asked!   

There can be lots of definitions of goat trails, almost as many as there are riders, but for the most part goat trails have several common characteristics.  First, goat trails are narrow.  Generally too narrow to have a center line painted on the road surface.  The more narrow the more goaty.  Second, while goat trails can be either paved or unpaved, the surface of a goat trail is generally rather bumpy.  Third, goat trails tend to have short sight-lines, which means lots of turns, lots of obstructions beside the road (trees, rocks, etc.), and they have limited straight sections.  There can be other characteristics as well, but usually what it means is that the road is so poor that it is reminiscent of a mountain trail that only a goat would be comfortable using.

The reason to ride a motorcycle on one of these goat trails is that it's fun!  Not everyone agrees with that, but if your technical riding skills are up to snuff, a goat trail can provide a very entertaining challenge.  Plus, goat trails have several benefits that make them particularly attractive.  Because there are usually nicer, straighter, better paved, etc. alternate roads, goat trails don't tend to get much traffic.  Less traffic means less being held up by other road users, and that means more opportunity for fun!  There will also be fewer motorcyclists sharing the road with you - particularly those of the newer, squidlier variety.  Fewer newer, squidlier riders also means less need for the local constabulary to come out to do speed enforcement, which means less opportunity to earn "performance awards".  Sounds like a win win win to me! 


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